Software Project manager

Hiring for Software Project manager at Future Competere Company
* Has experience in software development project management
* Intermediate in English : reading, speaking, listening, writing
* Good communication skill
* Has experience in using project management software (Jira, Trello, etc)
* Fast learner, quick catch up software concept
* Has experience in design user/customer journey
* Has experience in design application/software workflow (using flow chard drawing application)
* Has basic knowledge in development (programming language, technology)
* Has tech related knowledge, eg. blockchain, programing and always update trend (if you are tech geek, you will get bonus point)
* Female
Office is in Sao-Chingcha area. Lots of delicious food and good view. Start-up office ,hope you to enjoy with us.
Contact : Mr.Kullatuch Suwattanaphankul

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