IOT Engineer (Working under R&D department)


Position : IOT Engineer (Working under R&D department)
Salary : 25- 35 K
Working/Time : Mon- Fri 8.30 -17.30
Job scope
1. Creating and developing devices, sensors and software.
2. Researching, creating, testing and documenting IoT solutions.
3. Designing, coding and testing features of IoT devices.
4. Providing solutions to issues related to the connection of networks and platforms.
5. Analyzing user needs and working as service designers.
6. Developing software that monitors and executes processes.
7. Designing platform solutions that are cloud-compatible and work with IoT applications.
8. Developing software that allows IoT devices to function and connect to other devices.
9. Assist to the supervisor as required.
1. M or F 27-30 Years
2. Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Engineer, Software Engineer or related
3. Can commumicate businese level by English or Chinese or Japanese languguse
4. Strong network skill
5. Strong sense of responsibility and flexibility with excellent problem solving skills, interpersonal and communication skills
6. Have Auto car parking or parking facility experience will be an advantage.
For more informations
Tel : 026712145 Khun Kamonchanok
or present resume to email : [email protected]

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